Some airports (have been) missing from the Gateway

Yesterday it was brought to my attention that the Scenery Map is missing an airport that has been in the Gateway for literally years and still doesn't appear even though the airport in question has recently been updated.

Because of this report, I started going through the "maintenance logs" (that actually do describe what happens when the Scenery Map fetches new information from the Gateway database ... grantedly, with an overenthusiastic verbosity) and it turns out there are some airports that are in the database, but whose download-link results in a redirect. When someone downloads a scenery file using a browser, the redirect is followed automatically; but when the Scenery Map tries to download the file, the redirect was not handled. Because of this, the Scenery Map received an empty file and decided that "there is no airport" and continued on its merry way. This was logged, but since I don't normally go through the logs with a fine toothed comb (assuming "everything is fine as long as no-one complains") ... I had never noticed this.

It turns out that there were 392 airports that had never been added to the Scenery Map because of this despite them having been approved and/or recommended in the Gateway. This issue has now been fixed and the airports can now be found in the Scenery Map as they should've from the get go.

Specific thanks for getting this issue solved goes to Bob who reported the issue.

Always remember that if there seems to be something wonky in the Scenery Map, don't hesitate to contact me ... unless I get to know about an issue, it most likely will not get fixed anytime soon ;)

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