How about X-Plane 12 airports?

X-Plane 12 Early Access has been available for some days now and - naturally people have started asking Why are there no XP12 -specific airports shown on the map? ... well, there are a few reasons.

First of all; X-Plane 12 Early Access is not (yet) an official release of the simulator, and as such, the Gateway API does not at this point differentiate XP11 airports from the XP12 ones. In fact, purely from a data perspective, there are no XP12 -specific airports in the Gateway database at this point. And secondly; since no new file format specifications have (yet) been published by Laminar, if any of the scenery formats have been updated, I wouldn't really know what to do with the new data. Also - since I personally haven't bought XP12 at this point, even if I wanted, I could not verify that the data gets rendered correctly.

For the time being, until I get my hands on XP12, new file format specifications are released, and new XP12 -specific airports start popping up in the Gateway -site ... the map will still show XP11 airports.

However; though shalt not despair... I'm certain all these things will get remedied once XP12 gets officially released. And around that time I personally will most likely also see what the latest iteration of the sim has to offer. ;)

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