Outages @ JAN 20th-26th

On January 20th 2021, our website connectivity took a major hit causing random outages throughout the day. On the next day, the connectivity turned from bad to worse with continuous outages - prompting a more thorough investigation. It turned out that the whole complex had lost most of its network bandwidth due to an unidentified hardware malfunction on our upstream service provider's systems. Our upstream service provider made some modifications to their hardware configuration and managed to achieve a somewhat stable (albeit "extremely slow") connection.

Because of this, on January 21st, it was decided that the servers would temporarily be moved to an alternative location until such time that the malfunctioning hardware could be replaced. The relocation of the servers caused a minor downtime, but it turned out that the alternative location was ill-equipped to handle the bandwidth requirements of the servers. Because of this, the servers have been somewhat randomly unavailable occasionally.

Now, on January 26th 2021, the malfunctioning hardware has been replaced and the servers have returned to their "normal" home. This physical relocation of servers, again, caused a minor downtime.

At the moment (January 26th 2021, 1600Z) ... it looks like as if things are back to normal.

We shall continue monitoring the situation.

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