Missing Airport Markers?

On August 22nd, various users reported that all airport markers on the map had disappeared and no searches returned any results. This was caused by Google Maps API rolling over to version 3.38 which no longer supports the Google Fusion Tables Layer which the Gateway Scenery Map currently uses for visualizing the airport location markers.

I was aware that this API update from Google Maps was coming in August - just didn't know when. And as "luck" may have it, naturally the change happened in the middle of the night (from my perspective) so initially I failed to notice it. Thankfully our users knew what to do and contacted me almost immediately when things started failing, and thus when I woke up I already had tons of problem reports to alert me what had happened and was able to get things back in order very quickly.

A huge "thank you" for all who reported the issue. This is a group effort, and You're the best group I could have backing me up.

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